Submission Page


Hey, thank you very much for your interest in my website and beeing a model on GayPete's.

First of all, here are the terms & Conditions:

  • You are at least 18 years of age or older!
  • You must be the person who is shown on the photos and/or the owner of the copyright.
  • You should send in at least 12 (better 18) photos.
    (Of course you cand send in as many as you want but at the first time I will post only 18 and update the gallery later on).
  • Your model page will stay posted for at least for 3 month and can be updated with new photos at any time.
  • After 3 month with no update the page can be removed but you will receive a notification message on time.
  • GayPete reserves the right to reject a submission without giving any reason.
  • It is all and totally free for you and you will have no costs neither get charged for posting your photos at all.
  • So now lets get started!

    Below you will find a proposal of information you might wish to have posted at your gallery page.

    Please copy & paste the text form below into a message, replace the "XXX" with the information you want to give.
    Attach your pictures, if possible as a ZIP- or RAR file, and send all by e-mail to

    Make sure you have included the "confirmation text" below into your message.

    You also can send me a website url from where you want me to download some photos.
    In any way, make sure you have sent me your permission.

    As soon as your page is complet and uploaded I will send you the backdoor url to the preview page and you can check all before posting.

    For now thank you again for your interest in my website and you will hear form me soon

    Peter ;-)
    (your webmaster)

    Personal Information
    --- The following Information is required and will not be shown on your page ---

    Your Real Name: XXX
    Your Age: XXX
    Contact e-mail: XXX

    --- The following Details will be posted as 'Stats' on your page ---

    Screen Name: XXX
    Birthday: XXX
    Birthplace: XXX
    Nationality: XXX
    Ethnicity: XXX
    Current City: XXX
    Profession: XXX

    Eye Color: XXX
    Hair Color: XXX
    Height: XXX
    Weight: XXX
    Body Hair: XXX
    Tattoos: XXX
    Dick Size: XXX

    Sexual Orientation: XXX
    Sexual Position: XXX
    More Details: XXX

    E-mail on page: XXX
    Website Url: XXX
    Banner Url: XXX

    Blog Url: XXX
    Tumblr Url: XXX
    Twitter Url: XXX
    Myspace Url: XXX
    Facebook Url: XXX
    Facebook Like Page Url: XXX
    YouTube Url: XXX
    ModelMayhem Url: XXX
    Other: XXX

    Studio/s you work with or have worked with:

    Studio url/s:

    Photographer/s you work with or have worked with:

    Photographer website url/s:

    Write something about you:

    --- Choose your free Passcode (6-9 characters) ---

    username= XXX
    password= XXX

    --- Confirmation Text ---

    I hereby confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and the accuracy of the preceding details.
    I confirm that I am the person shown on the attached photos and/or the owner of the copyright of the attached photos.
    I herewith give the explicit permission to the owner of to post these photos on his website



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